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Salisbury Greenhouse Fundraiser

Dear Parents,

Friends of Saint Andre and our Parent Council have come up with a Spring fundraiser that will help support programs at the school.   Salisbury Greenhouse gift cards will be available to purchase on school cash online starting Monday Mar 5 to April 3.  20% of all sales will be donated back to our school! On Monday, students will be bringing home more information and tracking sheets.  Some things to note are:
*This is not a mandatory fundraiser but we ask that you sell as many gift cards to friends, family and neighbours as possible.*Gift card denominations will be $25, $50 and $100.  
* Each student will receive a flyer and sales sheet for tracking .  Use the sales sheet to keep track of your gift cards sold.  These sheets are not to be submitted to the school as your order for gift card amounts will be done online.  You will need this sheet to hand out the gift cards mid April. * Payment-  No cash or cheques are to be sent to school.  Each participant is to collect the money and then place their FINAL order using their school cash online account. If someone writes a cheque for their gift cards, they are to be made out to you and then you make the payment on your credit card or echeck online.*We ask that you place 1 BIG FINAL order.  School cash doesn't allow for multiple orders.  If you absolutely need to place a second order, please email Shelly at and I will attach the item to your child again (or if you have a second child at ASAA, you could use their account to place the 2nd order)* All gift Cards will be available for delivery the week of April 16th.    
* Any questions regarding this fundraiser please contact Susan Stuckey

Salisbury Greenhouse Fundraiser Info

Salisbury Greenhouse Fundraiser Sheet



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