Transportation Form


All STAR Catholic students who require transportation for the upcoming school year must submit an online transportation request by June 15. Applications will be held and processed over the summer.

Applications received after this date will be processed based on a first come, first served basis with consideration for the age of the student and distance from school. Registrations received in the last two weeks of August and the first 2 weeks of September will be subject to a 2-week processing period.


Please Note: STAR Catholic has multiple busing partnerships with other school divisions. You may be required to register with a different division or with both STAR Catholic and another provider (in the case of a bus transfer). If you are unsure where to register, click here for more information.


Transportation fees are assessed to all students living in an urban area and living less than 2.4km from their designated school or outside the school boundary.  Approved students will have fees applied in School Cash - early applicants can qualify for an installment plan. Transportation fees for the 2022-23 school year are $500 per student ($250 part-time Kindergarten), to a family maximum of $1000. For more information about student fees, please see https://www.starcatholic.ab.ca/busing/registration-and-fees/bus-registration

Distances are calculated in approved routing software based on Alberta Education criteria.

For information on Beaumont busing boundaries, please see here.

Busing Frequently Asked Questions please see here.