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Photo of Curt Baron

Mr. Curt Baron


Photo of Michelle Symes

Ms. Michelle Symes

Vice Principal/ Learning Support Facilitator

Photo of Shelly Boland

Mrs. Shelly Boland

Administrative Assistant

Photo of Jennifer Parker

Ms. Jennifer Parker


Photo of Kristen Thibodeau

Mrs. Kristen Thibodeau

Kindergarten English

Photo of Amie Brown

Mrs. Amie Brown

Kindergarten English

Photo of Rachelle Coté

Mme Rachelle Coté

Kindergarten French

Photo of Julie Sinclair

Mme Julie Sinclair

Kindergarten French

Photo of Jen McDonald

Mrs. Jen McDonald

Grade 1 English

Photo of Nicole Chapelsky

Mme Nicole Chapelsky

Grade 1 French

Photo of Hailey Weiland

Ms. Hailey Weiland

Grade 1/2 English

Photo of Kristan Myers

Mrs. Kristan Myers

Grade 2 English

Photo of Sophie Meunier

Mme Sophie Meunier

Grade 2 French Immersion

Photo of Danielle Blaise

Mrs. Danielle Blaise

Grade 3 English

Photo of Andrea Bouchard

Mrs. Andrea Bouchard

Grade 3 English

Photo of Gertrude Aberdeen

Mme Gertrude Aberdeen

Grade 3 French

placeholder image for Brittany Delwel

Mme Brittany Delwel

Grade 3 French

Photo of Amanda Mackney

Ms. Amanda Mackney

Grade 4 English

Photo of Vanessa Pesant

Mme Vanessa Pesant

Grade 4 French

Photo of Lauren Marks

Mlle Lauren Marks

Grade 3/4 French

Photo of Melissa Hladyshevsky

Mrs. Melissa Hladyshevsky


Photo of Michelle Giorgini

Mme Michelle Giorgini

Learning Commons Technician (Librarian)

Photo of Nola Antony

Mrs. Nola Antony

Educational Assistant

Photo of Tawni Murphy

Mrs. Tawni Murphy

Educational Assistant

Photo of Becky LeBlanc

Mme Becky LeBlanc

Educational Assistant

Photo of Arlene Creighton

Mrs. Arlene Creighton

Educational Assistant

placeholder image for Laurie Smith

Mrs. Laurie Smith

Educational Assistant

Photo of Haley Engen

Mlle Haley Engen

Educational Assistant

Photo of Luis Flores

Mr. Luis Flores


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