Friends Of Saint André Fundraising Society

Friends Of Saint André Fundraising Society

Friends of Saint Andre is the Fundraising Society for ASAA school. It is an incorporated society with the Government of Alberta, that plays an important role in contributing to the success of the school community. This is a distinct group that works closely with school council. Everyone is welcome to join!

Vision:  Ensure community generated financial resources are available to enhance excellent student experience, environment and resources.

Mission:  Build school and community spirit through fundraising events and activities.

*Friends of St. Andre meetings run consecutively to the School Council meetings. For dates please see the School Council tab.


Chairperson - Renee Moryiama

Vice Chair - Mandy Gartner

Treasurer - Lindsay Skelly

Secretary - Tanya Kearsey

Volunteer Coordinator - Brandy Foreman

Member at Large - Brandy Foreman, Nancy, Grazia Nagendraraj, Cecilia Hinse

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2023-2024 FOSA Meeting Minutes

FOSA AGM Meeting Minutes Sept 2023

FOSA Meeting Minutes October 25, 2023

FOSA Meeting Minutes November 22, 2023 

FOSA Meeting Minutes January 24, 2024

FOSA Meeting Minutes February 21, 2024

FOSA Meeting Minutes March 13, 2024 

FOSA Meeting Minutes April 24, 2024

FOSA Meeting Minutes May 22, 2024