ASAA Choir Performing with the EKOS Singers

Our Program

At Academie Saint Andre Academy (ASAA), we believe music is a valuable life skill that teaches cooperation, teamwork, and patience. Mrs. Hladyshevsky has been directing the music program at ASAA since 2013 and takes the following approach.


Orff and Kodaly are the foundational methodologies used in the ASAA music program. Students learn and demonstrate the fundamentals of music through games, singing, instrument use, and movement. The music program at ASAA uses Orff instruments (such as xylophones, metallophones, and glockenspiels), Boomwhackers® and various non-pitched instruments. In grades 3 and 4, the students will also study bucket drumming, ukulele and recorder. Hands-on music teaches body awareness, critical thinking, positive risk-taking behaviours and hand-eye coordination. 


Music at ASAA strives to take a cross-curricular approach, meaning the music program integrates core subjects into its programming. For example, literacy is incorporated frequently through stories related to concepts learned in other classes. Students act out well-known stories and use instrumentation to bring them to life. In grade 2, there is a unit dedicated to literacy and music. In addition, our students get a great deal of daily physical activity with their music instruction which is fundamental to children's development. 


Faith is an integral part of all aspects of learning at ASAA, and the music program is no exception. Students learn and understand that music is a gift God has given us, and we can use music to glorify and praise Him. At ASAA, we have the opportunity to celebrate mass together as a school community several times a year. Students learn the mass songs in their music classes, allowing them to participate musically on the day of the mass. 

At ASAA, we offer several extracurricular music activities.

  • The ASAA School Choir allows students in Grades 3 and 4 to sing at community events within Beaumont, Leduc and Edmonton and our annual Christmas Concert.
  • At Christmas, ASAA offers a Drama Club to Grade 4 students in which students prepare a performance to share at our annual Christmas Concert. 
  • At each mass, the ASAA Worship Team leads our mass singing. Mass is open to students in Grades 3 and 4. 
  • The ASAA  Recorder Karate Program complements the in-class music program and is a highly motivating self-paced program. In the spring, you will see students racing to the music room at break times to earn belts for their recorders.

About Mrs. Hladyshevsky

Mrs. Hladyshevsky has been at ASAA since 2013, after spending the first three years of her career teaching Junior High Band and Grade 3 in Ardrossan. She studied Vocal Performance, Choral Conducting and Education at King's University College. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music Degree (4 years) and a Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree (After Degree). Mrs. H, as her students call her, grew up in Newfoundland and started singing in the church choir in grade 4. The church choir was the beginning of a love of music and singing. She started taking vocal lessons at age 14 and continued training throughout her post-secondary training. While in university, she worked as a church choir director, voice and piano teacher, and music director for a choir for adults with developmental disabilities. As a result of this work, she founded the Choral Morphosis program in 2007. She now serves as the president of the Choral Morphosis Arts Society. In 2010, she was awarded the Mayor's Award for her outstanding contributions to the city of Edmonton. Then in 2015, she was named Avenue Magazines Top 40 under 40. In addition, acted as Chava in Fiddler on the Roof and was the music director for Into the Woods at the Edmonton Fringe. Mrs. Hladyshevsky always strives to improve her teaching and learn new techniques and practices to bring to her students. She has completed her Orff Level 1 training and attended music conferences throughout Alberta, Memphis, and Nashville. Most recently, Mrs. H completed a workshop on bringing indigenous music into the music classroom. Mrs. H is a beloved part of our school community, and students love going to music class because she makes learning music fun and engaging.